Fife Project - Dunfermline

We were asked to landscape the garden of a newly built Dunfermline property and introduce attractive, relaxing seating areas.

Our clients' existing garden featured a small, slab-patio walkway, which was too small for seating and led on to an awkward, downward-sloping lawn.

After consultation, it was agreed two patio areas would be introduced: one at the rear of the property for entertaining and socialising - and a smaller area at the foot of the slope, ideal for sunbathing. 

Getting down to work, we removed the old, existing slabs from the rear of the property and constructed a large patio in Fairstone sandstone, shaped to the gradient of the lawn. To support the patio, we built a small retaining wall, setting the area on a rise overlooking the rest of the garden. Fairstone paving was also used for the lower patio - and finished with tumbled sett edging.

The transformation brought a more open, versatile feel to the garden while creating spaces for our clients to dine, relax and soak up the sun!

Before & After Gallery

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