Grow your own - November

It’s been a very mild October this year and although the year is drawing to a close, vegetable growing continues, albeit at a slower pace.


  • Usually November means the hard frosts have started and it’s now time to harvest winter cabbages and cauliflowers. 
  • Early Brussels sprouts will be ready for picking.
  • Lift and store remaining root crops such as carrots, sweet, beetroot and turnips.
  • Parsnips can stay in the ground but if the weather turns really cold they need to be covered so you can still get them out of the ground.
  • Clear out any crop remains and add them to the compost heap.
  • Check any vegetables in storage for rot - potatoes especially need checking. 
  • October and November are good months for double digging – incorporating manure into the bottom of the trench and then deepening your topsoil.
  • November is perfect for planting up new fruit trees, however don’t plant if the ground is frosted or very wet. 
  • Lastly, get planting rhubarb, asparagus, garlic and onions without delay!