How to create a simple hanging basket

The Gardens Galore team recently visited the Gardening Scotland show and came away with some excellent tips and tricks of the gardening trade. We’re very happy to announce we’ll be sharing our freshly learnt knowledge with our readers! So let’s talk about hanging baskets; these are a vital part of many gardens as they add height and variety. They’re also very popular for those that don’t have much garden space or no garden at all.

At the Gardening Scotland show we attended a hanging basket workshop where a lovely chap called Thomas Hartbridge took us through how to create a simple hanging basket. Thomas has over 14 years experience in the gardening industry and currently works with the Royal Horticultural Society. From his workshop we’ve constructed some instructions and tips for creating a quick hanging basket for your garden, enjoy. 

 What you need to create a simple hanging basket for your garden

  • Black bin bags
  • Newspaper
  • Wire hanging baskets
  • Multi-purpose compost
  • Scissors
  • A selection of plants suitable for hanging baskets
  • Plant feed and fertiliser


Top tips for creating a hanging basket

  • If you’re putting together a number of hanging baskets at the same time, separate the baskets with newspaper to avoid them getting stuck together.
  • Thomas recommends Clover Mother Earth multi-purpose compost as it has really good peat content and is taken from land that isn’t under stress so is therefore better for the environment.
  • Stand the hanging basket on a small plant pot as this will make it easier to manoeuvre the basket without spilling the contents.
  • Thomas uses Bacopa Monnieri for planting around the edges of the basket. These are perennial creeping herbs with delicate white flowers which grow well in hanging baskets. Geraniums and Petunias work well for the middle of the basket.
  • Make sure to cut away any dead plants as soon as possible as these will waste soil space and nutrients. 

Hanging basket on a wall
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  1. Use a standard black bin bag to line the inside of the hanging basket.
  2. Place a few handfuls of compost into the lined basket and firm down.
  3. Use scissors to cut away excess liner around the edges of the basket, leaving an inch of liner above the basket’s wire edge.
  4. Cut 4 or 5 small holes around the sides of the basket, above where the compost is. 
  5. Gently thread plants through these holes with the roots in the basket and the flowering end facing outwards. Thomas suggests plants such as Coloured Fountain mixes in pink, rose, lilac and purple. Ensure to place enough of these so that the bottom of the basket will be hidden once the plants have grown and bloomed.
  6. When you’re happy with those, fill the basket up with a few more large handfuls of compost. Make sure the roots of the plants are fully covered up. 
  7. Now start placing plants in the top of the basket; start with planting around the ends of the basket, facing plants sideways and work your way into the middle.
  8. Plant as much as possible in the top of the basket for the best effect.
  9. When you’re finished designing your hanging basket and you’ve accomplished the desired effect poke holes in the bottom of the basket to allow for water drainage.
  10. Water your hanging basket once a week during the summer months and mix together feed and fertiliser with your water to help your plants stay strong. 

So there you have it, how to create a simple hanging basket in 10 simple steps. Thinking of including a hanging basket in your garden? Check out our garden planting services for more advice and information.